SE Grievance Procedure

The following parties may have a grievance against a school or guardianship organisation


  • Overseas parent(s) (on behalf of the student)
  • UK homestay
  • School
  • Guardianship organisation
  • Overseas agent or other organisation, which may have placed a student with a guardianship organisation


Stage 1 – Informal

In the first instance, all grievances should be made informally, to the school or guardianship organisation. A record should be kept, in chronological order, of all correspondence, subsequent responses and action taken.

It is to be hoped that the matter will be resolved satisfactorily between the parties involved at this stage. If appropriate, it can be helpful to call informally upon the services of an impartial arbitrator who has some experience and prior knowledge of the circumstances, which led to the declaration of a grievance.


Stage 2 – Formal

If the matter cannot be resolved informally, then grievances should be directed in writing, to the school or guardianship organisation.  As for Stage 1, a record should be kept, in chronological order, of all correspondence, subsequent responses and action taken.


Stage 3 – Panel

If the grievance cannot be resolved successfully at stage 2, both parties may make formal representations, in writing, to the trustees of AEGIS c/o:


Yasemin Wigglesworth – Executive Officer


The Wheelhouse

Bond’s Mill Estate

Bristol Road


Gloucestershire GL10 3RF



Telephone: +44 (0) 1453 821293


A complaints panel comprising three people, one of whom will act as chair, will be appointed by the trustees to hear the grievance.


The panel will be made up of independent and impartial arbiters. In those cases where it is deemed necessary, an interpreter may be in attendance. The decision of the panel will be final.  AEGIS will keep a written record of the complaint and action taken, regardless of whether the complaint was upheld or not.  A written report of the findings, along with any recommendations will be made available to the complainant and, where appropriate, the person who has been complained about.


Stage 4

Should the decision of the complaints panel at stage 3 fail to settle the grievance, the complainant has the right to pursue the grievance through the courts.