Light Guardianship

Light Guardianship is a ‘hands-off’, ‘light-touch’ service that gives students their independence, whilst giving parents peace of mind and meeting school/college regulations.

The purpose of ‘Light’ guardianship is to accommodate the needs of those students who don’t require full pastoral care, but simply need a secure 24/7 contact in case of emergency.

This service is suitable for students who regularly travel home during school holidays and who make their own familial arrangements for exeats.

Many parents choose ‘Light’ Guardianship in order to satisfy the statutory requirements of their child’s school.

In the event of an emergency or unforeseen change of plan, the ‘Light’ Guardianship service will find accommodation for a student within a home-stay family (emergency homestay accommodation is charged separately at a premium rate).

‘Light’ Guardianship is also a suitable option for older students who are attending college and simply need to meet the legal requirement of their institution for the care of under 18s.


Per year £750
Per term £250


  • 24-hour welfare support and action on behalf of the student and/or parents in case of emergency
  • Selection of a suitable family to provide accommodation and guardianship support in an emergency (school suspension, sickness etc)
  • Assistance in travel arrangements
  • Visit from SE representative followed by a report to parents (at request)
  • Insurance: professional indemnity and public liability to cover all circumstances under SE guardianship
  • Access to all other SE guardianship supports

Compulsory charges

Registration fee £100
Deposit £500
Emergency admin fee £75
Accommodation fee (breakfast, lunch and dinner included) £85 per day
Crisis management (school suspension/expulsion, illness, cancelled flights) £50 per hour
Visit from SE representative followed by a report to parents (at request) £120
Attendance at parent-teacher meeting (full report sent to parents) £120


All fees include VAT (government tax) where applicable.