Our Principal’s Vision for Guardianship

Andrew Sutherland, the principal of Sutherland Education, has firm beliefs about how international students should be looked after when coming to study in the UK. “Sutherland Education is a care organisation” says Andrew.

Things to do in the Summer Holiday

So you’ve finished your exams. What a relief! All those months of work and the recent weeks of last-minute study to make sure your brain was as crammed full of information as possible. Not to mention the sweat-inducing stress of sitting scribbling in

Five Charmingly British Activities for Students

Delicate crocuses and daffodils begin to appear from the once frozen earth and baby animals are welcomed into the world in farms across the country. The UK countryside breathes a sigh of relief after the long winter. Spring is here. As things start

Becoming A Homestay Guardian

What do you do when your children have grown up and flown the nest? For some parents, it’s a time to spread their wings after the intense parenting years, but for others there’s still a desire to have young people around to nurture and look after.