Mission Statement

Sutherland Education brings 50 years of experience in providing guardianship for international students.

The history of SE demonstrates its very high level of commitment to not only pastoral welfare but also academic success. We support the educational progress of every student in our care throughout his or her schooling in the UK. The expertise and experience of our personnel are testimony to this; they are specially qualified to provide excellent additional support where required.

We aim to be a catalyst to each student’s academic success. Our free and highly rewarding weekend courses motivate and inspire students to achieve their optimum. Through such courses we inspire students to develop, self-confidence, study and organisational skills, clarity of thinking, self-discipline, independence and adaptability. Achieving a good balance between focusing on progress in studies and other aspects of their daily lives will enhance their potential and enable them to flourish. SE’s involvement and availability is designed to inject students with energy and ambition, and to stimulate success through regular contact, encouragement and expert guidance.

Pastorally, SE is at all times dedicated to helping students stay safe, healthy and happy. We combine the appropriate measure of oversight commensurate with a student’s age and parents’ wishes together with creating a climate of mutual support and friendliness.

We are available at all times of the day and night – 24/7! Neither parent nor student should have any worries. Remember our motto is “Sans Peur”, which means “Without Fear”.