Oxbridge Admission

The deadline for Cambridge University undergraduate admission for September 2016 is 15th October 2015. The deadline for Oxford University admission for September 2016 (or for deferred entry for September 2017) is the same date, 15th October 2015 before 6pm.

As an undergraduate student, you may not apply to both Oxford and Cambridge in the same year. Unlike most other UK universities, when applying for Oxbridge, an application is made for both course and college. All applications are made through UCAS.

At Sutherland Education, we have experienced consultants who have been through both the undergraduate and post-graduate admissions processes at Oxford and Cambridge for both Arts and Science degrees. We can give you the best chance possible to compete for a place at these highly academic institutions.

Our Service

  • We start with a face to face (or via video conferencing) interview to discuss course options and a student’s suitability for a chosen subject area.*
  • We carry out a detailed assessment of the student’s strengths and weaknesses both academically and in general.
  • At this stage we will help the student identify and articulate their motivations in order to write an effective personal statement for their UCAS form.
  • We can advise either on a subject choice for appropriate A-levels with the goal of a particular undergraduate degree, or we can help with choice of undergraduate course.
  • Looking at the all-round profile of the student, we can then recommend a suitable college that reflects the interests and values of the student.

At an Oxbridge interview, the admissions tutor will try to gauge academic aptitude and responsiveness of the student on the day- for example, an interview for a place on an English degree might include giving a student 20 minutes to prepare a response to a piece of poetry. We will supply appropriate materials to give a student practice at making the most of their preparation time and then look at what makes a good interview response. Far more than the etiquette of interview, we concentrate on bringing out the student’s own talent and unique ability.

Following a mock interview with a subject specialist, we will give a written feed-back report and verbal feedback will be given on the day.

*Candidates may wish to book this service before they begin their A-level/IB course in order to shape their application from the outset.