With such longevity and experience within the education sector, it is no surprise that Andrew Sutherland originated the charitable organisation, AEGIS, The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. This nationally recognised organisation sets the safeguarding standard for UK guardianship and acts as the regulatory body for the guardianship sector throughout the UK.

We take meticulous care to visit and vet every new host family and guardian. We keep in close contact with our guardians throughout the year and one of our team is always on call to ensure 24-7 security. Our students and parents can reach us at any time of day or night and our trusted drivers provide transport to and from airports and schools. As a consultant, Andrew Sutherland has assisted other organisations in preparing a Child Protection policy and meeting inspection criteria and has ensured that the highest standards of welfare are manifest in all that Sutherland Education undertakes on behalf of parents and students. The AEGIS inspection reports have described us as follows:

Sutherland Education is an exemplar of the very best practice

Sutherland Education provides a first class service to students from overseas and their families in every area of support. Parents can be assured that their children will be individually looked after to the highest standards