Our Reputation

The badge of the Sutherland Clan provides the origin of our logo today and represents the traditional values which we regard as timeless; they include a sense of community, trust, fellowship and commitment. History has transmuted these values into a global perspective of internationalism and the commonality of mankind. Sutherland Education has taken the obvious step of building a reputation for excellence on serving an international ethos through safeguarding and promoting the welfare and academic success of each and every individual student within its care. Our testimonials and accreditations bear witness to this.

Sutherland Education is synonymous with Safety, Wellbeing and Academic Success. The Sutherland family have been providing educational guardianship services for over 50 years. Starting in 1965, as the Kith and Kind Association, Andrew Sutherland’s mother, Mrs Betty Sutherland, founded the first ever guardianship organisation in the UK. In her dual role as a National Trust Home director and Guardianship forerunner, Mrs Sutherland looked after international students from all around the world from the grounds of prestigious and historically important properties; these included the beautiful home of Rudyard Kipling at Bateman’s, Michelham Priory and Dunrobin Castle. A postgraduate of Cambridge University and a formidable individual, she was well known as a curator but also, in our view most importantly, much loved and highly respected by all the students she looked after personally.

Today, Andrew Sutherland continues to work as the director of Sutherland Education and his vast knowledge of the British Education system brings him all over the country as a sagacious Educational Consultant. As an ex-deputy Head of Claremont Fancourt School in Surrey, Campion School in Athens and a long standing Housemaster at Millfield School, Somerset, Andrew still loves to be in close contact with students, often paying home visits and liaising with schools, guardians and host families.