Ann Doyle has been involved with Sutherland Education guardianship since 2004. Her introduction was through being a Governor at Bromsgrove School, as well as two local primary schools. She served as a District Councillor for 21 years and has been Chairman of Council. Ann was also a Company Director for a number of years.

She has three adult sons who boarded at independent schools and Ann is all too familiar with how challenging attending boarding school in a different country might be for international students. Ann has six grandchildren.


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Office:  +44 (0)203 808 3800


In her many years with SE Ann has had more than 20 children from all over the country attending different independent schools; some of them from 13 years old through to their graduation. Many still keep in touch with Ann through email and Facebook

I strongly believe that guardianship is more important than ever in this world of enormous economic and technological advances. It is vital that young people, living many miles away from their parents, always have someone close by to turn to outside of school, for assistance whether personal or otherwise.

Anne’s choice of quotes:

“Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today” Benjamin Franklin

“Change the world by being yourself” Amy Poehler

“Every moment is a fresh beginning” T.S Eliot