Rika entered Sutherland Education guardianship in 1992 aged 15. After leaving school in Japan, she started her education in the UK at the City of London Freemen’s School. Before giving up professional roles to raise a family, she worked in UK government for the Department of International Trade and the equivalent Japanese government organisation (JETRO). Rika is an exceptionally competent business manager and administrator. She also worked on the Japanese equity desk of an investment bank to enhance links between Japanese companies and overseas investors.

She has two children – a teenage daughter, and a younger son. Recently, Rika has also worked as an assistant teacher at primary school level at Cobham Free School and St Joseph’s Specialist Trust in Surrey. Fully instructed in the safeguarding of children, she has experience in working with children with special needs and adapting to their individual circumstances. She also has a certificate in piano teaching from the Piano Teachers’ Course at the Purcell School. She is, in every way, a very special member of our team, bringing a her unique experience to the role.


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“It is important to create the time and space for children to have access to someone who they can speak to about problems and to receive relevant advice.”

“I was under the full time care of SE when I was a student in the UK. Before I found SE, I was dissatisfied by the service I was provided by another organisation. I was glad to have found SE, which gave me expert advice and support whilst I was studying in the UK. I had various guardians when in New Zealand and I was able to see a clear difference in the quality of support and the more personalized approach that SE took in helping students. SE also introduced me to a wonderful homestay guardian, Anne, and this provided me with an invaluable experience. Anne and I have kept in touch since and have become lifelong friends.

I have also kept in touch with SE throughout my life. I am really grateful to Andrew who even kindly agreed to give me away on my wedding day in place of my late father. I truly believe that choosing the right guardian and homestay plays an important part in making your education in the UK a success.”

Rika’s choice of quotes:

“Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.” 14th Dalai Lama